CRMVI is a full service commercial HVAC/R contractor. We have found that each customer has a unique set of needs and opportunities for improvement. As a full service contractor, we are able to fulfill all of these needs whether it is the repair of a single cooler, a complete store remodel, efficiency improvement and anything in between. Our typical services are listed below:

  • Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service – If you’re having a problem with your refrigeration and Air conditioning equipment, we have the tools and expertise needed to resolve your issue. Our technician have over 100 years of combined service under their belts. We lean on this experience and knowledge to ensure that we can effectively diagnose and repair your equipment.
  • Grease and Hot Air Exhaust Systems – Grease hoods are an essential part of each and every commercial kitchen setup. Having your exhaust hood and fan operating correctly is key to maintaining proper air quality and working conditions for your kitchen staff and for your guests. CRMVI is well equipped to ensure your exhaust fan is working at it’s optimum as well as making recommendations and improvements to correct performance and efficiency requirements.
  • Commercial Ice Machine Service – Ice is an essential factor for a variety of business types. At CRMVI, we can help you determine how much ice you may require, find the correct ice machine for your, repair an ice machine that is not functioning properly, and/or keep your ice machine maintained to ensure the best possible operation over the life of the equipment.
  • New Build Outs and Remodels – Whether it is a full service grocery store, or food truck, CRMVI is equipped to assist in design, sourcing, and installation for your business. When the time comes CRMVI also provides our services to remodel your business to keep up with changing needs, new products, and increasing energy efficiencies.
  • Preventive Maintenance – For any ongoing business, keeping your equipment maintained properly will decrease your energy usage, increase the effective life of your equipment, and keep service calls to a minimum.
  • Efficiency upgrades – CRMVI strives to stay on top of technology changes in our industries to help identify opportunities for our customers in increase their energy efficiency and therefore strengthen their businesses. Whether it’s a conversion to LED lighting or replacing inefficient A/C systems, we’re happy to help
  • Sourcing Service – CRMVI understands that you have enough challenges just by being located in the Caribbean. We gladly offer our services to help source the materials and/or equipment you need to make your business a success. If you’re not sure where to find it, let us help.